Visualizing Singapore – One Dataset at a time

Synopsis of talk:

About 75% of our Singapore government budget goes to 5 ministries. Do you know what these are?

In a world deluged by data, it can sometimes be hard to make sense of all of it. When it comes to publicly available data, if we could understand it better, it will be useful in helping citizens make more informed choices, and the way we create narratives around the data matters.

This is why Visualizing Singapore (, a community portal site on data visualizations in Singapore was setup. The aim is to visualize Singapore one dataset at a time, and the hope is to curate different narratives from the ground up. In this talk, Chi-Loong will go through some local data visualizations on topics like elections and economy. You might walk away with insights you never noticed!

For a start to the new year of 2018, we’re also looking for individuals who are interested in data visualization, and might be interested to:

  • speak at our events and share their knowledge!
  • ping us about data visualization projects that you might want put up!
  • help run and shape
  • brainstorm potential ideas

This event is organized by the Data Vis meet-up group, and hosted at PIXEL.

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