TAP Series: Effective Cross-Cultural Strategy for Remote and Virtual Teams

Technology, demographics, and culture are impacting the future of work.

Leaders always have to understand personality differences and manage how their employees interact with one another. However, as workplaces become more diverse and multi-national, we now need the ability to decode cultural differences in order to work effectively as a team.

Increasingly companies are embracing remote working. Remote work options can benefit the bottom line, recruiting efforts, productivity rates, ability to be agile, and much more. So how do we integrate remote working with the existing company culture to form a conducive work environment?

For this informative session, you’ll take away:

  • How to build, scale and manage distributed teams.
  • Learn to reconcile differences
  • Develop a team identity and outline roles and responsibilities
  • Leverage cultural diversity for success
  • Avoid costly cross-cultural mistakes

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