Game Developers

For our Game Developers, we’ll be discussing about:

  • Licenses in Games: Applied calculations, Display presentation, and Menu plan
  • The trade Secret in Games: this would apply when designers don’t discharge their amusement and resource source code to people in general and take measures to avoid divulgence of this source code to both the general population and contenders.
  • Publisher vs developers rights

Online content creator

For our Online Creators, we’ll be discussing about:

  • The most important issue related to intellectual property for online content publishers
  • Video streaming and what elements you have to consider. For example, if videos are going to be synched with music and streamed over the internet, you’ll need a new-media license, a video-sync license, and the rights of publicity releases for those who appear in the file.
  • What should you do if you want to use music for your video?


Tech Innovators

For our Tech Innovators, we’ll be discussing about:

  • The exact role of intellectual property in relation to innovation.
    On the one hand, in theory, the IP system is considered to be absolutely necessary “to encourage creative intellectual endeavor in the public interest,”and on the other, some observers believe that, in practice, the IP system hinders competition to the extent that it is often seen to be playing a negative role in innovation.
  • The different tools in the IP system and its roles – from the initial idea/concept stage to the research and development stage to the end game, the launch.




Brief background of Asia Law Network

Asia Law Network’s mission is to enable people in Asia to make better and more confident decisions in their lives and build stronger businesses by efficiently and effectively connecting customers to the right legal advice quickly and affordably.

As the only marketing platform approved under the Tech Start for Law Scheme by the Ministry of Law, Law Society of Singapore and SPRING Singapore, Asia Law Network has proven to be a reliable partner for lawyers, and people looking to find legal help.
It has the largest network of lawyers in Singapore with more than 30% of Singapore lawyers and its extended network includes lawyers from other parts of Asia Pacific and the world.


Our Guest Speakers

Adrian kwong

Adrian Kwong, Consigclear LLC

Consigclear LLC is the Singapore law firm that aims to be the consigliere or counsellor and trusted advisor, to companies that do not have their own full-time, in-house counsel, in particular, amongst the game, media and entertainment community. Founded by Adrian Kwong, the former Vice President and General Counsel for Asia, Africa and the Middle East for a Fortune 500 company, Consigclear offers flexible and cost-effective access to almost two decades of legal experience gained in both a global game company and in top Singapore law firms.


Jermiah chew

Jeremiah Chew, Ascendant Legal

Jeremiah specialises in IP (with a focus on technology), and handles a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious work involving the full range of IP. He has represented local and foreign clients in managing their IP portfolios, including advisory work, due diligence, drafting of IP agreements, and trademark prosecution and opposition proceedings. He also advises clients on TMT-related issues.

Deitrich Mohan

Deitrich Mohan, The Game Room and 3Bode Media 


“Deitrich Mohan is a local gaming emcee/host and a content creator. His passion in gaming led him to strive as one of the leading gaming emcees in Singapore, participating in major gaming events such as Gamestart, Republic Of Gamers Master Series and hosting a plethora of gaming related launches and products. He is currently working on his Youtube channel The Game Room SG, providing local gaming news and interviews with gaming developers to share their development knowledge. In addition to gaming, Deitrich works a Director to aid companies with corporate videos or corporate live streaming services and hopes to produce a 360 video series in the coming 2018.”



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