Myths & Truths about VR storytelling

This coming January 22nd, PIXEL will be hosting the Hacks/Hackers Singapore meet-up group. At this event, Vitaliy Nachaev, founder of Vostok VR ( will talk about myths and truths in VR Storytelling.

About the talk:
360 video has just recently became part of our life. We see 360 news feed on Facebook, brands launches VR campaigns on YouTube, high-profile documentaries published on Gear VR. As a recent case study – Mediacorp has launched 1 millions SGD fund to promote VR/AR creation in Singapore. During the session we will walk through the best and worst use cases of VR projects and will try to understand what is so special about VR/360 storytelling, in particular:

  • How to generate ideas for your next 360 video project? (script,
    location, soundtrack)
  • How 360 storytelling can compliment TV show (use case Missing
  • Why 360 framing won’t work for 95% of your viewers and what
    to do with that?

About Vitaliy Nachaev:
Vitaliy is Singapore-based VR film director and managing director of Vostok VR Singapore. He won Honorable Mention at Vision Summit Hollywood 2016 (next to Chris Milk -one of the fathers of modern VR). His company also won two awards during GCC VR Film Festival
in China (official VR part of SIFF). At this moment Vitaliy is one of the most experienced in the industry, with over 50 VR films & commercials for Mediacorp, Discovery Networks, Visa, Carl Zeiss, Nestle etc.

His work has been featured by CNA, CNews, Stuff and Today Online. He was also filmed for Channel News Asia documentary about VR “Unreal to Real: Making of Virtual Reality”. Vitaliy’s last project is missing VR -8x series VR drama in collaboration with Channel 5 Singapore.

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